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Best Travel Destinations in Sumbawa Besar.

In the palace Loka was established in 1885 AD and was listed as the world's biggest stage.
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Destinations traveled to eastern Indonesia is fun, usually lots of people began after a further Traveling from Bali to Lombok and Sumbawa Besar passes. Destinations is the capital of Sumbawa Besar of Sumbawa. turns in this area a lot of attractions that are loaded with historical value, many architectures Not only that, stunning natural beauty as well as in Sumbawa Besar many beautiful small islands. The most famous is the island of Moyo, Here is the best tourist destinations in Sumbawa Besar can be visited.
In the palace Loka was established in 1885 AD and was listed as the world's biggest stage.
1. Istana Tua Loka
In the Old Palace Loka looks magnificent and the Palace was founded in 1885 AD and was listed as the world's biggest stage . Located in the heart of the city of Sumbawa Besar so it is not difficult to kesananya . The palace has a building area of ​​904 square meters and deserve listed as one of the biggest stage in the world . In Loka Old Palace was built in the era of Sultan Muhammad Shah III (1883 - 1931) who was the 16th sultan of the dynasty Gods In Bawa . Sultan Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah III was confirmed as ruler of Sumbawa by the Dutch East Indies colonial government Deed dated October 18, 1883 . That's when people start to feel Sumbawa Dutch colonial rule .

interesting is the raw material of construction of the palace which mostly come from remote villages around the palace . Large teak comes from teak forests , while the roof is made of zinc originating from Singapore . Palace building is now used as a museum is full of Sumbawa Region philosophical message and a symbol of the West Sumbawa City landmarks . I fondly refer to it less well maintained building and left impressed .

2. Wisma Praja

Other landmarks of the West Sumbawa is Wisma Praja, this building is the Dutch Palace in 1932, where as the residence of the last Sultan Kaharuddin III, his government conduct here. Now used as a reception area - great guests and events - ceremony / reception and formal, as well as other governmental meetings. to photograph better in the afternoon, as the opposite of the Old Palace Loka. right when the sun is about building disore day.

3. Pantai Kencana

Golden Beach is a place of recreation that already has a complete infrastructure, because here berdisi a hotel. to get to the Golden Coast is located about 11 km from the city of Sumbawa Besar and is quite charming beaches and laid out neatly. With the curved shape of the beach at both ends of the curve and each has its own characteristics. Especially on the right side arch-shaped rock standing naturally with bolongannya. Golden Beach we can see the Sunset and hunting human interest people who are playing here, prepare a wide lens and a tripod in order to get the stunning nature photos.

4. Desa Poto

Sumbawa is known as the best producer of wild honey, besides Forest Honey turns in Sumbawa Besar is famous for handicrafts Tenunnya that was legendary. Weaving crafts Sumbawa so distinctive, and proven to have the best quality among all weaving in Indonesia. Desa Poto is one village in Sumbawa who preserve cultural preservation areas such as traditional woven, here we can see the direct manufacture of Weaving can even take pictures of Sumbawa. besides weaving we also get to see other crafts such as pottery making, and attractions such as horse racing folk games, water buffalo races. for the last two attractions is indeed there was a time, usually after panen.untuk headed to the village that is located in the district of Poto Moyo Hilir approximately 13 km from the town of Sumbawa large reachable by land transportation facilities such as public transport or by car.

Desa Poto we can capture the craftsmen weaving, they usually work on weaving in the house. expertise of Sumbawa woman who inherited declined, to be photographed should we ask permission first. because the condition is quite dark inside the house, use a lens with a large aperture of F2.8 or F1.8 eg in order to capture the moment well, avoid using flash because it could interfere with the mother's mother artisans weaving. if it has been photographing avoid giving money to them, but you can buy the results of their weaving.

5. Culinary Seafood
Culinary Sumbawa Besar is not far from the sea, so seafood is very famous in Sumbawa Besar. because the location of Sumbawa is close to the sea makes abundant seafood in this area, there are several culinary regional specialties such as fish and chili spiced mango. oiya to Sumbawa Besar if the price of chicken is more expensive than fish, so better eating fresh fish here besides the price is also affordable.

The name Singang, fresh fish sauce mixed with sour and spicy
Original kale Sumbawa Besar sizable big, much like in Lombok.
This is also typical of Sumbawa Besar, Sumbawa seasoning fish Pepes fried.

Fish Soup Seasoning Sumbawa Besar, spicy taste


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